Come to a talk about retrofitting – improving the energy efficiency of your house – by Richard Lomas, Chesterfield architect

a house in the foreground of Wirksworth Puzzle Gardens

Join us at the Wellspring Church on Wood Street, Wirksworth, DE4 4DS, on Tuesday 18th October, 7.15 for 7.30, for an illustrated talk by Richard Lomas, an architect from Chesterfield who is committed to helping home-owners make their properties more energy efficient, especially now that the price of fuel has escalated far more than we ever believed possible. He will explain what retrofitting is all about and will answer questions.

Stay for our AGM afterwards if you are a member or want to join.

A house in The Dales (open in our Eco Homes event recently) that has been retrofitted so that outside still looks like the traditional old stone cottage it is but inside it is completely airtight and a mechanical ventilation and heat recovery system has been installed – so it will hardly need any central heating.

[So sorry about the advertising below! We aim to update our website as soon as we can!]

3 responses to “Come to a talk about retrofitting – improving the energy efficiency of your house – by Richard Lomas, Chesterfield architect

  1. ‘Come to a talk… Oct 14th’ arrives in my inbox on October 15th! What time? Where? Who’s the architect? Comment button leads nowhere. And would be more useful BEFORE the event. | Twitter: @elvinibbotson | Tel. 07957 279139


    • Our website leaves a lot to be desired, for which I apologise. The 14th is when the notice about the talk was published, not the date of the talk. If I had put the 18th, when the talk is, the notice wouldn’t show until the 18th. The Commments have to be approved before showing, which I am doing now. The information about the talk, the architect, the time and the place is on there if you look, but it is Richard Lomas, a Chesterfield architect, and the talk about Retrofitting houses is at 7.15 for 7.30pm on Tuesday 18th October at the Wellspring Church on Wood St, Wirksworth DE4 4DS. I hope to see you there, since I am aware that you have just signed up for our newsletter. Regards, Mary Ann (chair)


      • OK Mary. I think I signed up to the mailing list a while back but haven’t had a newsletter yet otherwise I might have known about this talk. I thought I was replying to an email rather than commenting on a post I hadn’t even seen. Anyway, I’ll come along on Tuesday evening – it sounds interesting. Please feel free to delete my comments. Elvin


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