Our new leaflet!

As part of our campaign to recruit more volunteers, we have just created a new leaflet which says a bit about what we do and the reasons why we are a good organisation to volunteer for. It is 2-sided A4 which can be folded into 3. It was well-received at the Wirksworth Farmers’ Market today. What do you think? Any suggestions?

2 responses to “Our new leaflet!”

  1. Brilliant bit if work developing your leaflet
    The shocking think is that only 6% of younger generations want to get into construction an exciting place to be in right now, great people, intelligent friends for life. So what’s the downside ??
    For me we are seen as poorly qualified workers, and it is workers that built the Victorian infrastructure,
    The challenges ahead are Mind boggling we need a local retrofit hub and I’m working on it.
    Yes I am currently building out a small development of 4 houses / barn conversions the barns have an EPC rating if “A” I could improve on that but it would require a wind turbine !!!
    Planning we need to engage and work with them if we are to stand any chance of getting anywhere close to our legally binding commitments to net-zero
    It can be done but it requires engagement from all young and old
    Alan Hutchinson transition Belper
    Tel 07976 793012


  2. That figure came from a webinar by Unlock Net Zero (Green Skills and the Recruitment and Retention Challenge), in which WSP engineering company had done a survey. The talks on the webinar are all very interesting. Here’s a free recording of the webinar and downloads of the powerpoint slides: https://www.unlocknetzero.co.uk/webinars/green-skills-the-recruitment-and-retention-challenge-recording . I’m afraid I mis-remembered the figure for the numbers wanting to go into construction – it is 5% not 6%!


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