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Wirksworth Transition Community Land Trust

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help Wirksworth & Middleton’s residents make their houses more energy efficient, reducing costs and carbon emissions.


Would you like to be the first one to receive updates on our progress and contribute to the organisation’s mission?


Whether a short-term event, project, or longer-term commitment, we welcome you to join the effort.


We aim to improve our Wirksworth & Middleton community, and your support can help us go further.

Our website is being updated!

  • An active autumn 2022 coming up!

    Have a look at our September – October Newsletter Read more

  • Presentation on Retrofitting

    Presentation on Retrofitting

    At our upcoming Annual General Meeting on Thursday 29 October, 7pm, we are giving a presentation on Retrofitting (after the business), which we hope to undertake on a few houses in Wirksworth & Middleton in the coming year. The meeting is on Zoom, with a slide show and verbal presentation from trustees Mary Ann Hooper,… Read more

  • Launch event 10 October, 2019

    Launch event 10 October, 2019

    Wednesday, 10 October 2018 at the Wirksworth Cricket Club, 7 to 9 pm. Come to hear about what the Wirksworth Transition Community Land Trust intends to achieve, including recruiting a membership of interested Wirksworth residents and others. Read more

  • Exciting news!

    The Wirksworth Transition Community Land Trust are thrilled to report that we have been registered as a charity (number 1178158). It was almost two years ago that a public meeting in Wirksworth agreed that a community land trust should be established, for providing genuinely affordable houses to rent for Wirksworth residents. Now we can get… Read more

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